The Massachusetts Children's Book Award is unique because kids get to choose the winner!
Each year an expert panel--teachers, librarians, parents--creates a list of 25 books to compete for the award. 
Kids in grades 4-6 across the state get to vote for their favorite if they read at least five nominees.

Participating in MCBA at Vets Park is as easy as 1-2-3!
  1. Read at least 5 books on the MCBA list
  2. Fill out a form for each book
  3. Vote for your favorite to win the award
To get started Just come to the library, where we have books, forms, and lists. (Forms and lists can also be downloaded below.)

Students who vote will be invited to a celebration at the end of the year, where we'll have fun and prizes, sponsored by the Ludlow Elementary PTO

The deadline for voting is Friday, March 13, 2020, so don't delay!

The MCBA nominees for the 2018-2019 award are:

  • Alexander, K. (2015). The Crossover.
  • Barnhill, K. (2016). The Girl Who Drank The Moon.
  • Behar, R. (2017). Lucky Broken Girl.
  • Bowen, F. (2018). Lucky Enough.
  • Cartaya, P. (2017). The Epic Fail of Arturo Zamora.
  • Craft, J. (2019). New Kid.
  • Cuevas, M. (2017). The Care and Feeding of a Pet Black Hole.
  • Gemeinhart, D. (2016). Scar Island.
  • Giff, P. (2016). Jubilee.
  • Glaser, K. (2017). The Vanderbeekers of 141st Street.
  • Graff, L. (2017) The Great Treehouse War.
  • Gratz, A. (2017) Ban This Book.
  • Holt, K.A. (2015) House Arrest.
  • Jennings, K. (2015) Ancient Egypt.
  • Kanefield, T. (2017) Alexander Hamilton.
  • Korman, G. (2017) Restart.
  • Krishnaswami, U. (2012) Book Uncle and Me.
  • MacLachlan, P. (2016) The Poet’s Dog.
  • McAnulty, S. (2018) The Miscalculations of Lightning Girl.
  • Mincks, M. (2018) Payback on Poplar Lane.
  • Pincus, G. (2017) The Homework Strike.
  • Plourde, L. (2016) Maxi’s Secrets: (or What You Can Learn From a Dog).
  • Shabazz, I. (2018) Betty Before X.
  • Vernon, U. (2015) Harriet the Invincible.
  • Wolk, L. (2017) Beyond the Bright Sea.

The 2018-2019 winner was A Night Divided by Jennifer A. Nielsen.  (Click here to see the rest of last year's list.)

Again this year, MCBA meets BOOK MADNESS! The top 8 MCBA nominees will be put into the Book Madness bracket in March, so stay tuned for that!
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